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Trade Mark Registration



The trade mark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of filing. Each renewal of registration is 10 years.

Filing Requirements


Multiple applications or a series application are allowable in Hong Kong which enjoy a reduced fee.

Multiple applications contain two or more classes relate to the same Trade Mark or Device according to International Classification of Goods and Services

A series application contains two or more marks (maximum of 4) having the same or similar design and of the same general character.

Required Information and Documents

  • Applicantˇ¦s name and address;
  • Specification of goods to be claimed;
  • A print of the mark;
  • If convention priority is claimed, the name of the country or territory where the priority application was filed, the priority application number and the priority filing date are required;
  • No form such as Power of Attorney etc. is required to be signed by the applicant.



Renewal fee is payable by the end of each 10 years protection period.

Design Registration